Price of Ajwa dates in Malaysia


An adage that goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is much known to the people of the world. The equivalent to this, there goes another proverb popular to the Muslim community. This goes like that “seven dates a day keeps the doctor away.” As said by the Prophet, if seven dates are consumed in the morning, it protects one from evil powers and deadly poisons. This makes the date mystical and supernatural especially in Islamic countries. About Ajwa dates, the prophet also said almost the same words. He said, “if taken daily in the morning, Ajwa dates make wonders for the human body.” As confirmed by traders, Muslims always buy Ajwa dates regardless of prices.


One of the popular families of dates fruit is Ajwa dates. This species is a compulsory purchase for Muslims who are traveling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah. Those who travel to Madinah appreciate the value of the particular Ajwa dates harvested in the city. It is not an exaggeration to state that Saudi pilgrimage can’t be completed without the purchase of varieties of Ajwa dates. So, it is not surprising when it is found that the price of Ajwa dates in Malaysia is higher than any other dates.


As the dates are strong sources of protein, it is suggested to be a vital part of the diet for staying fit and fine. Another good fact about Ajwa dates is that these food products contain very little that produces cholesterol. It’s important for muscle strengthening and fixing the weight-loss issue. As dates include most vitamins (A1, C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and many more) the price of Ajwa dates in Malaysia is generally higher. They also include normal sugars like fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

As a wholesome diet, the price for Ajwa dates from Medina region has always been higher, especially for their taste due to consumed with organic coffee: arabica.


Incredibly, this fruit is thought to be helpful for expectant mothers by activating the womb muscle at delivery time. Ajwa dates also help to control bleeding during the post-natal period.


Even a date fruit lover can’t consume all dates as there are innumerable types of these particular fruits available across the globe. If you love Ajwa, take special types of Ajwa that will benefit you in respect of fitness. You will get everything from this kind of Ajwa.


All these benefits of the dates have made the price for Ajwa dates higher. If you want to enjoy a real taste of Ajwa dates, you must insist on authenticity. There is no other way to prove the genuineness of the dates than to buy them online. The e-commerce sites are packed with lots of products including different dates.


The dealers say Ajwa dates fruits are soft with a fine texture. This arid land fruit is also identified as wet-dates.  According to some traders, though highly priced, the Muslims buy Ajawa during the period of Ramzan for their special implication.


Ajwa dates are also acknowledged as one of the most classy and costly dates in the world though in Saudi Arabia these are not so expensive.


It is approximately estimated that premium Ajwa dates of Saudi Arabia is:

Ajwa Al-Saudi – Premium Ajwa Dates of Saudi Arabia – 500g ₹1,350.00 (₹270.00 /100 g)

Have you still not purchased Ajwa dates? What are you looking for? Just pick the date fruit that provides the best taste. So, let’s buy your favorite Ajwa fruits at the best price.